My Life Mass Choir



Thank you for supporting our educational program and the My Life Mass Choir – Gatherings Inspirational EP project! We are truly grateful for your $5 donation and hope that you enjoy this recording.

Our program is a collaborative campaign with choirs, music artists, writers, producers, businessmen, corporations, youth, teachers, and parents who have come together to show support for the cities and countries that have been effected by the recent terrorist attacks, which have taken national stage in the media.

It is our responsibility to make sure our children learn to treat each other with respect. The impact of educating our youngest members of society about how to be more compassionate and understanding is of immeasurable value to the nation and to the world. And by taking the initiative to reinforce this message within our children, we reinforce it within ourselves, as well. Everyone wins.

Our plan in 2016 is to engage, empower, and educate our youth and young adults in America and other nations, through a music tour and FREE educational content program that will promote love, harmony, & spiritual healing, and support a movement towards peaceful resolution. We look forward to your continued support in spreading the word about our cause.

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