My Life Mass Choir


Gatherings Walmart

The My Life Mass Choir was an unplanned, but divinely destined, offshoot of the production of a Walmart Holiday Gatherings television commercial celebrating African-American culture and tradition.

As a part of the commercial concept a church choir was to be featured in the background of a senior citizens social event at a local church. In the spirit of authenticity and to ensure a quality performance, a casting call was sent out to the churches and independent choirs of Atlanta to select a group to showcase.

During the process of auditions it was clear to see that there was a tremendous talent base to be tapped into. As the choirs were culled down to three, the idea for combining select singers from them to form a super mass choir was considered and eagerly implemented. Throughout the process, it was evident that the hand of God was assembling something quite special that would transcend a commercial message from the world’s largest retailer. Something even bigger was congealing and is now ready to be shared with the world.


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